The Anglo-Norse Society in London offers various kinds of bursaries and grants:



1. The Dame Gillian Brown Postgraduate Scholarship


This scholarship was set up in memory of Dame Gillian Brown, former Ambassador to Norway, and Chairman of the Anglo-Norse Society. It is worth £3,000 and is intended to help towards the cost of one-year of postgraduate study in Norway in the field of Norwegian literature, history, music or translation studies.
Eligibility to apply is restricted to British subjects who have graduated with a good Honours degree or equivalent.
Students wishing to apply should download the application form below and should send details of their degree results, the course for which they intend to use the scholarships, and for which they should already have been accepted.

Deadline June 30 each year.


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rory small

Rory Cassie

Rory is currently preparing for his second year of a PhD in Social Anthropology at the University of St Andrews. During this coming year, he will be attending Nord Universitet as a visiting scholar while conducting fieldwork in Bodø and its surrounding areas. His PhD research seeks to map the post-colonial landscape of Norwegian Sápmi through gathering Sámi Responses to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.
This novel research looks to inform and influence future policy decisions regarding the Sámi in Norway, and to stimulate further reflection and understanding amongst the Norwegian public on the historic and present impacts of colonial structures on national minorities. After completing his PhD, Rory hopes to continue working closely with Norwegian universities, where he may go on to complete his post-doctoral research.









2. Bergen and Oslo Summer Schools


Specific awards may be made for attendance at the Bergen and Oslo summer schools, for which the deadline is March 31. Applicants for a Summer School bursary should also ask for one reference to be sent directly to our address by the same date.


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3. Anglo-Norse Scholarship Scheme set up with the Royal College of Music

In 2016 the Anglo-Norse Society and the Royal College of Music set up a joint five-year scholarship scheme. The scheme has now been extended to run until 2028-29. The Anglo-Norse Scholarship worth £3,000 for one year is for a Norwegian student coming to  London to follow a postgraduate course. The recipient will be chosen by the Royal College of Music on the basis of the results achieved in the auditions at the RCM. 

Academic Year 2022-2023

As no Norwegian postgraduate musician qualified for the Anglo-Norse Scholarship this year, the Society instead sponsored masterclasses given by established Norwegian musicians visiting the RCM: Peter Herresthal (violin), Ole Kristian Dahl (bassoon) and Isabelle Perrin (harp)







4. Scholarship Scheme set up with the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)

In 2017 the Anglo-Norse Society set up a five-year scholarship scheme with NTNU whereby a British student accepted to study for a Masters Degree at NTNU (and who has a First Class, or good Upper Second Class Degree) may be awarded a one-year scholarship worth £3000. The scheme has now been extended to run until 2026-27. The recipient is to be chosen by NTNU on the basis of results obtained in their first degree and in consultation with the Anglo-Norse Society. 

Academic Year 2023-2024


Disappointingly, there were no British students at NTNU in the academic year 2023-2024, so no 

scholarship was awarded.



5. Scholarship Scheme set up with UiT, The Arctic University of Norway

In 2017 the Anglo-Norse Society set up a five-year scholarship scheme with UiT, The Arctic University of Norway whereby a British student accepted to study for a Masters Degree at UiT (and who has a First Class, or good Upper Second Class Degree) may be awarded a one-year scholarship worth £3000. The scheme has now been exended to run until 2026-27. It is a condition of the scholarship that half the units the recipient is registered to study must relate specifically to the Arctic. Applications for the scholarship should be sent to, by 19 June of the year in which they wish to start studying at UiT, and should include a copy of the letter of acceptance by the University of Tromsø, a copy of their First Degree certificate, and letter of recommendation from that university, plus a CV and letter of between 500 and 1,000 words, explaining how this course fits in with their future plans.


Savannah HirthSavanna Hirth 

I have long been fascinated by the Arctic region's complex dilemmas surrounding governance, sustainability, and cultural practice. Therefore, I am keen to learn how to address the Arctic’s unique set of problems, and ultimately contribute to seeking sustainable solutions. In alignment with these interests and goals, I am is completing a joint master's program in Governance and Entrepreneurship in Northern and Indigenous Areas with UiT - the Arctic University of Norway and the University of Saskatchewan, Canada. Through this programme, I aim to bring a holistic and cultural understanding of minority group dilemmas to the forefront of governmental policy. By identifying governance, entrepreneurship, and resource management strategies that strengthen the position of Northern communities, this programme will prepare me for how to conduct interdisciplinary research, apply findings, and enrich the role of Indigenous communities.
Alongside  my studies, I was accepted onto the competitive ARCADE, The Arctic Academy for Social and Environmental Leadership programme which is an interdisciplinary programme facilitated by the University of Iceland. It seeks to give students the tools to influence policymakers and present their research to the media and the general public. As part of this, I will present the research I have conducted in the past 10 months at the Arctic Circle conference in October 2023.


Registered Charity No. 263933


6. Other awards and Grants 

These are available to British citizens and may be made to assist study of, or research into, subjects with a specifically Norwegian content. The amount of these awards will depend upon the circumstances of the proposed study or project but will not normally exceed £500. There are two annual deadlines for these grants:  31 March and 30 September. Please send details of your project and your application to:


Download Application Form


In 2022 & 2023 the Society awarded grants towards the following: 


- Kate Lowe, for her concert in Guildford promoting the music of Edvard Grieg
- The Renaissance Foundation (an East London youth charity), for their trip to the Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony in Oslo
- Kirsty Nunn, and her production company Pendant Films, for help towards post-production of her film “Below the Surface”
- Jessica Hall, a student at UiT, to study “Government & Enterpreneurship in northern and indigenous areas”;
- The “Oboe Tigers Orchestra” of Kristiansand for their trip to the UK;
- Evelyn Long for a course on International Environmental & Development Studies at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences;
- Justin Treadwell in support of his production at the Finborough Theatre, London, of “The Journey to Venice” by Bjørg Vik.





7. Scholarships and Grants offered by other organisations

City of London Bridge Ward Club Norwegian Business Scholars Trust, offers an annual scholarship to an outstanding Norwegian scholar at BI Norwegian Business School, Oslo and Bergen, and gives the successful Scholar 6-7 weeks of placements in 3 different types of financial institution in the City of London in the Autumn, before the student goes on to study for a term at Bayes Business School (formerly Cass Business School).


CoScan, (the Confederation of Scandinavian Societies in the UK) offers small Travel Awards (£100-200) to help young British people to visit a Scandinavian country to undertake a worthwhile project of a broadly educational nature. More information can be found  on The closing date for applications is March 31.