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Anglo-Norse Book Scheme

Below is a list of books you are able to order from the Anglo-Norse.

 Author Name  Book Title  Book Price
 Gedde, Golden  Lær mer norsk– Half price  £5.50
 Gedde, Golden  Lær mer norsk– Fasit. Half price  £5.50
 Manne  Ny i Norge – Exercise book – New edition  £37.90
 Manne   Ny i NOrge. Old edition – Half price  £15.00
 Manne  Bo i Norge – Exercise book– Half price  £11.50
 Strandskogen  Norsk for utlendinger II – Exercise book. Half price  £14.00
 Strandskogen  Reader w/ questions toe ach story. Half price  £5.50
 Høgsberg, Jahren,Solstad  Klar for Norge, modul 1, Reader   £30.60
 Høgsberg, Jahren,Solstad  Klar for Norge, modul 1, Arbeidsbok  £18.40
   Klar for Norge II can be ordered  
 Popperwell and Støverud  Anthology of Norwegian Literature Soft-cover editions of set of 5 (Book 1 only available in  hard cover)  £29.00
   Hard-cover vol 1 only  £10.00
   Price per book, vol, 2,3,4,5 and 6  £8.00
   Cassettes nos 4, 6,7,9, 10,11,12,17,18,19,20,22,23, 24, 25 27 and 28. Price per cassette  £5.00
 Bjørneboe  Frihetens øyeblikk. Paperback  £8.00
 Bjørnson   Over Ævne. Paperback  £9.50
 Bjørnson  En Fallitt (Skoleutgave) Hardback  £6.50
 Bjørnson  En glad gutt (Skoleutgave) Hardback  £8.50
 Duun  Menneske og maktene. Paperback  £8.00
 Duun  Medmenneske, Ragnhild med mer. En gigantbok. Hardback  £14.00
 Falkberget  Den fjerde nattevakt  £11..00
 Hamsun  Mysterier. Paperbacl  £6.50
 Hamsun  Sult. Paperback  £8.50
 Hamsun  Victoria. Paperback  £8.00
 Popperwell  Knut Hamsu and Pan (Scandinavica vol.25).Volume aslo includes an essay by H.Næss on Hasmun's Growth of the Soil  £3.00
 Hoel  Veien til verdens ende. Paperback  £10.00
 Hoel   En dag i oktober. Paperback  £9.50
 Hoem   Kjærleikens ferjereiser. Paperback  £8.00
 Holberg  Erasmus Montanus. Paperback  £6.50
 Holberg  Jeppe paa Bjerget. Paperback  £6.50
 Ibsen  SAmlede verker (Ungdomsskuespill) Paperback  £14.00
 Ibsen   Et Dukkehjem (Skoleutgave) Paperback  £9.50
 Ibsen  Vildanden (skoleutgave) Hardback  £7.00
 Ibsen  Peer Gynt (Skoleutgave) Hardback   £7.00
 Ibsen  Peer Gynt Paperback  £9.00
 Ibsen  Brand. Paperback  £9.00
 Jacobsen  Alle mine dikt. Paperback  £6.20
 Lie  Familien på Gilje. Paperback  £12.00
 Vesaas  Fuglane. Paperback  £7.00
 Vesaas  Is-slottet. Paperback  £7.50
 Vesaas  KImen. Paperback  £6.50
 Vik  Elsi Lund. Paperback  £9.60
   Norwegian Literature in English and English Literature in Norwegain  
 Austen  Stolthed og fordom. Paperback  £8.60
 Bjørneboe  Powderhouse. Paperback  £8.50
 Brantenberg  Daughters of Egalia  £9.00
 Spirit of Norway, The  Norwegian War Poems. Paperback  £12.50
 Sandel  Selection of Short Stories. Paperback  £8.00
 Vesaas  The Birds. Harback  £6.95
 Saabye Christensen  The Half Brother. Paperback  £4.50
 Saabye Christensen  Herman (InEnglish)  £3.00


To order any of our books listed please click on the downloadable form button. Print and fill out the form and send by post enclosing a cheque to the address on the form.

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